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If you have been in the internet marketing for a while then you have already noticed how certain marketing buzzwords have become stale from sheer overuse. You know what we are referring to. Some of these terms are blatantly conceited, some are simply too vague while others are just downright appalling.

Most of these terms have been repeatedly and inaccurately used to describe a wide array of subjects. In turn, they have simply lost their effectiveness and taken on a rather undesirable connotation. The internet marketing industry simply has to find new ways to convey its message.

This article presents a few of these outdated terms as well as some alternative words that could be used in their place. Here are a few fresh synonyms for marketing.


Replacing Tired Old Terms

Being stuck with overused terms benefits no one. By insisting on using such worn out terms, we risk our industry being reduced into a caricature of itself, a tired old cliché. That is why we call on all internet marketers to pay attention. Let us reinvigorate our industry and our vocabulary. Listed below are the terms we urgently need to stop using.

  • Guru – Probably one of the best examples of how our marketing buzzwords could be so lame. It is self-inflating and conceited. In fact, among many circles, its continued use has become something of a joke.

Let us first refer to its original definition: a leader in a particular field. If everyone who calls themselves gurus were actual gurus, then the marketing industry should be booming with all kinds of innovators and leaders. Sadly, that is not the case.

Perhaps you should consider using some of these alternatives instead: veteran, specialist, virtuoso, ace, adept.

  • Ninja – This is another term that cannot but invoke a laugh. Not only is it overused, but it is often applied in contexts where it does not really fit. Commonly used as a suffix to an industry specialization, like SEO Ninja or Content Ninja. Similar to the use of Guru, this type of usage just makes the term nonsensical.

That said, we cannot but beg our peers to please stop using this term. It is not only insensitive to the culture that made the original word but it also makes you look immature. Again, let us try using more appropriate identifications like aficionado, buff, whiz, and authority instead.

  • Optimize – We need to understand that this term should only be used in the context of search engine optimization. You simply cannot use it for everything. Instead, let us try any of these synonyms: refine, cultivate, improve, sharpen, enhance, hone. Any of these would suit your needs well enough. This way you won’t have to use the term optimize again and again.

Working in the field of marketing demands being articulate. You need to be able to convey your message clearly in a way that is appealing to your audience. That is why we simply cannot afford to be stuck with these buzzwords. We need to reinvigorate the terms we use so that we can achieve the impact we need.

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